5-year-old English bulldog dies from injuries sustained in attack by 3 loose dogs

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A 5-year-old English bulldog named Roxy has died from injuries sustained in an attack on Nov. 15.

While Roxy was being transferred from her vet's office to a specialist on Friday because she needed surgery to repair a damaged lung.

Roxy died just before the surgery.

Surveillance cameras were rolling when three large dogs attacked Roxy in the Vineyard Meadows neighborhood off Clay Road and Lakes of Bridgewater.

The dogs viciously attacked and repeatedly bit Roxy.

Roxy’s owners told Channel 2 she was in the garage that morning, they cracked the garage door a few inches to give her some air but the larger dogs were still able to get to her and drag out from underneath.

“She doesn’t even fit under there,” said Martha Villafuerte, Roxy’s owner. “It was open less than a foot.”

Villafuerte’s 11-year-old son heard the commotion around 6 a.m. from his bedroom window and called to his parents for help. Villafuerte’s husband had to chase the dogs away with a rake.

“Yeah, it’s scary. Especially the kids, they like to play outside,” she said.

Villafuerte called the police, but the dogs took off.


A Houston Animal Control officer was able to locate the dogs at a nearby home.

The owner of the dogs was issued nine citations, three citations each for the three dogs. Those citations were allowing the dogs to roam, not having a license and not being able to prove rabies vaccines.

The owner will have to appear in court, and a judge will decide what happens next.