Youth football teams, including coaches, get in fight on field

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Disciplinary action has been taken after a brawl between two Fort Bend County Youth Football teams.

The video of the fight is not just unnerving to people, it's disappointing.

It shows a brawl between the New Territory Knights and Stafford Cobras.

What has most people shaking their heads about the fight from two weekends ago isn't the players pushing and shoving, but the fact the adult coaches appear to get involved in the melee.

"Adults are so impressionable upon kids," said parent John Portier, who also happens to be a teacher. "If they have that impression of what football is, what's that gonna be when they're in middle school and high school?"

In the video, you see most of the coaches are trying to separate the players and appear to be trying to restore order. But a couple of others not only appear to throw punches, they have to be pulled away to keep them from fighting.

"For that to get out of control like that, with the parents and coaches, because coaches are parents," said Dennard Pierson, who is a youth basketball coach. "That's ridiculous."

In a statement to Channel 2, the Fort Bend Youth Football League said in part, "All parties involved have been removed from our league permanently. The organizations involved were sanctioned for the behavior of these coaches."

The league's executive director also said none of the players were hurt in the fight, and adds that the league has implemented new measures to deter a fight like this from happening again.

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