Campus star: Texas A&M's Miss Rev

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Having to stand out on a campus of 50,000 students isn't easy to do, unless you're Miss Rev.

Then, it's all in a day's work.

Reveille IX, as she's formally known, is more than just the official Texas A&M mascot. She's part of the university's rich history, a symbol of pride and tradition.

"She literally represents Aggieland, everything we stand for and she's the picture of A&M so it's really amazing getting to meet her and take a picture with her," A&M freshman Tabitha Baibos said.

Miss Rev not only leads the team out onto Kyle Field, but as a symbol of the 12th man, she makes guest appearances all over the country.

That requires a constant companion for the campus Kim Kardashian. Which is where sophomore cadet and new mascot corporal, Gavin Suel come in.

Suel, a College Station native, is beaming with pride for his new found fame as her official handler.

"Being a part of sharing the spirit of Aggieland is a huge part of being the mascot entails and that's probably my favorite part, getting to participate in the tradition, not just see the tradition," he said.

While he gets to take part in tradition, Miss Rev gets a taste of campus life.

She even attends Suel's classes, where, legend has it, Miss Rev's bark means she's tired of the lecture and the professor must end class immediately.

Since she is officially the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets, she gets what she wants, even Suel's bed.

"I had always heard of the tradition, and I hadn't ever thought much of it until the very first night I had Miss Rev, she put her paws right up on my bed, she looked back at me like its time. So I've been pretty much sleeping on the floor since then," Suel said.

You can see Miss Rev charging out onto Kyle Field Saturday as the Aggies take on Tennessee in a huge SEC matchup.

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