4, including security guard, arrested in prostitution sting

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Four men, including a security guard, were arrested during an undercover prostitution operation on Aug. 20.

Community outcry prompted action by Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Office in a portion of the business district of the FM 1960 west corridor.

Undercover investigators posing as street prostitutes were able to build criminal cases on the men trying to purchase sex or sex-related acts.

As a result of the operation, four men were arrested.

One of the men, Ramiro Rivera, was an on-duty armed security guard for Texas Counties Patrol Agency.

Rivera, 48, Thomas Dwayne Woods, 23, Madan Lal, 58, and Jamal Washington, 33, were charged with prostitution. 

“The businesses and citizens of north Harris County have made it clear that they refuse to just stand by and allow their communities to deteriorate to the point where street level prostitution is looked upon as a normal part of our local society. These types of illegal activities seem to attract other bad elements such as drug dealers and users, thieves and others who would prey upon our local residents. It will not be overlooked, tolerated or condoned within our local communities where we live and raise our children,” Herman said.

To report illegal prostitution or other unlawful activities, citizens may go to the constable's website here, click on On-Line Services, and then click on Regulatory Violation. Complainants can remain anonymous if they choose.