Residents take turns taking photos with gator in SE Houston neighborhood

HOUSTON – A 4- to 5-foot alligator calls a culvert on Monroe near Almeda Genoa home.

Talk to any wildlife expert and they will say it is incredibly dangerous to play around with an alligator, yet people line the banks of this culvert to throw food and even try to catch this alligator.

Dozens of people crowd the culvert because everyone wants to see the alligator. Parents even bring their small children to the impromptu show.

A Facebook video shows not all simply want to observe the creature. One man used a chicken to try to hook the gator and reel it out of the water.

Other pictures show someone grab the alligator by its tail, then put a strap around its head and try to drag it further on to land.

Another video shows someone wrestling with the alligator.

Fortunately, the gator got back in the water. Chris Stephens with the gator squad said this is not only cruel and dangerous, it is illegal.

Firefighters at Station 61, across the street from where the gator stays, said they've called animal control and state game wardens to come out and see if they can catch the gator. They've also been asking people to please not torment or feed this alligator and hope that message gets through before someone loses a limb or their life.