911 calls released in mother's fatal shooting of two daughters in Katy

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Investigators have released several 911 calls made during the shooting death of two women at the hands of their mother Friday afternoon in Katy, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

Fort Bend County deputies said Madison Sheats, 17, was the first to call the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch before her sister Taylor Sheats, 22, dialed a second time.

According to officials, Christy Sheats, 42, had arranged a meeting with the family at their home in the 6000 block of Remson Hollow Lane near Blanchard Grove Drive. When her daughters and husband, Jason Sheats, gathered in the living room, investigators said the mother pulled out a five-shot, .38-caliber handgun and shot the two women.

KPRC 2 has chosen not to air/publish the 911 calls that the daughters made during the incident due to their graphic nature.

In both calls from the two sisters, one can hear screaming and pleading in the background as the dispatch officer asks whether the family needs an ambulance, firefighters or other emergency services.

The women's calls were followed by a final 911 from a neighbor as he watched the situation unfold, officials said.

Neighbor [male voice]: Yes, we need an ambulance right away...I have people. I believe they're, they're shot.

Dispatch [female voice]: Ok. Stay on the line...Ok. You think they got shot, you say?

Neighbor: Yes. Yes...There's a lady with a gun. 

Dispatch: There's a lady with a gun?

Neighbor: Yes. Yes. She's coming out of the house right now. There's people shot outside...shot outside.

Dispatch: Ok. Where's the lady with the gun?

Neighbor: She's in the street right now.

Dispatch: Is she still shooting?

Neighbor: No. She's not shooting, but the gun is in her hand.

Dispatch: Ok. Do you know who the lady is?

Neighbor: They're my neighbors. 

Dispatch: Are you with the patients right now?

Neighbor: No...because they came out I had to run.

Investigators said Christy Sheats followed Taylor Sheats, who was wounded, into the neighborhood and shot her to the ground. The mother then reloaded her weapon and shot the young woman again, deputies said.

Investigators said one daughter died at the scene and the other was flown to a hospital, where she later passed away. Their father wasn’t injured but was still taken to the hospital.

Madison Sheats was a student at Seven Lakes High School. She once wrote on her Facebook wall, “Moms and dads are a promise from God that you will have a friend forever.”