The reason you are (or aren't) having success on Tinder in Houston

Tinder releases most-swiped jobs in H-Town


HOUSTON – If you're not having any success on Tinder, you might want to consider a career change! Turns out, some occupations are more appealing than others.

Tinder recently shared the most right-swiped jobs nationwide. Now the dating app is revealing the most popular jobs in select cities, and it's starting right here in H-Town!

Fun Fact: singles in Houston are some of the most active Tinder users in the country. Our city is one of Tinder's top 10 markets in the the U.S.

Tinder's Houston list shows occupations for both men and women who have received the highest percentage of right swipes. It was compiled based on the occupations of user profiles that received the highest ratio of right swipes from November 2015 through May 2016.

Most right-swiped men's occupations in Houston:

1. Teacher

2. Chief Operating Officer 

3. Financial Analyst 

4. Engineer

5. CEO/Entrepreneur 

6. Pilot

7. Human Resources Manager

8. Scientist

9. Designer

10. Lawyer

11. Firefighter/EMT

12. Flight Attendant

13. College/Graduate Student

14. Marketing Director

15. Dentist


Most right-swiped women's occupations in Houston:

1. Marketing Director

2. Teacher

3. Real Estate Agent

4. Radiologist

5. CEO/Entrepreneur

6. Nurse

7. College/Graduate Student

8. Photographer

9. Flight Attendant 

10. Clinical Dietitian 

11. Lawyer

12. Professional Athlete

13. Translator

14. Model

15. Musician

A personal note from the writer (someone who may or may not be on Tinder) - "Oil & Gas" is a career many men list as a profession in Houston. I'm surprised that occupation did not make this list.

Another personal note: Why isn't TV news producer on the list? Asking for a friend.