Burglars caught in act by homeowner's remote camera

HOUSTON – Tuesday night, two gentlemen came calling at Michelle Hicks' southwest Houston house. They didn't bother to knock.

After letting themselves in her bedroom door, one man disabled the burglar alarm in six seconds while the other began going through the house.

Michelle wasn't home, but she was watching.

"I looked at my camera 'cause I have it on the phone and I could see the guy in my kitchen," Hicks said.

They were only in the house for a few minutes, but at one point realized they were on camera.

"What is this right here?" one burglar said. "This is a video, bro."

They took the camera. It was the only thing they took.

"I think they must have been looking for jewelry, cash and guns. Things that I don't have," Hicks said.

But the following night, burglars broke into a house a few blocks away.

They got away with an entire safe filled with jewelry that belongs to trial attorney Dick Deguerin's daughter, who wasn't home when it happened.

He thinks she was lucky.