Armed witness fires shots at thieves outside store in The Woodlands

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – A person with a concealed handgun license tried to help stop a trio of thieves by opening fire at their getaway car in a store parking lot near The Woodlands Mall Friday afternoon.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, three people were seen trying to steal clothing from an Academy store on Lake Woodlands Drive Friday afternoon.

As the suspects were leaving the scene, a citizen licensed to carry a weapon tried to stop them.

The citizen fired shots at the stolen minivan the thieves were driving, shooting at the tires.

Brian Murphy heard the shots. He said, "I was coming out of Starbucks and I heard a super-loud noise. Sounded like, to me, it could have ... I thought it was either of two things ... it sounded like a gunshot. But where I was in the parking lot, I thought if it wasn't a gunshot. It had to be a car accident."

Investigators said the thieves were driving a van stolen from someone in Houston. They said the thieves hit several cars before they got out of the parking lot. 

The suspects still managed to drive away. No one was injured.