Source: Person of interest in Adriana Coronado murder case arrested on unrelated charge

MAGNOLIA, Texas – A high-level law enforcement source confirms to Channel 2 Investigates that a man arrested Thursday morning on a federal drug charge, Jose Solis, 35, is also a person of interest in the slaying of Adriana Coronado.

Several law enforcement agencies are investigating the teenager’s death and are looking at all possible motives, including illegal drug activity.

The Drug Enforcement Administration assisted officials from Montgomery and Walker counties in serving a warrant at a home in the 2900 block of Aberdeen Drive in Magnolia. Channel 2 sources say evidence was removed from the home and is now being processed.

"I went out our driveway and the SWAT team was in our yard. I asked what was going on and he just said he couldn't tell us," said a neighbor, Ashley Mudd. "My fiance drove down there and he saw them like go in and out and there was a tent set up for, I guess, investigators."

Authorities issued an Amber Alert for the 14-year-old after her father's body was found in Walker County. The father, Caesar Coronado, had been shot multiple times. A gardener found Adriana's decomposing body days later and the medical examiner confirmed she had also been shot to death.

Coronado's grandmother told Channel 2 that Adriana's Coronado's mother hardly eats anymore and is very ill since she she found out about her daughter and husband.

Those responsible for killing the father and daughter remain on the loose, and authorities released surveillance videos of possible suspects.

“In my life I have never seen him or heard his name,” said Adriana Cavazos, the mother of 14-year-old Adriana Coronado and wife of Cesar Coronado. “Never in my life.”

She told Channel 2 in an exclusive interview it’s frightening not knowing who killed your family or why.  

“I’m happy there’s finally a person of interest, some kind of lead that could lead to the capture of the people who did this,” she said.  

Channel 2 News also learned that police arrested another man in Laredo. Ramon Sanchez is currently in custody and is also being questioned about the two homicides.  
Cavazos and her family said they have never heard of him, either.

“I’m not satisfied,” she said.  “It doesn’t console me.  Nobody’s gonna bring my daughter back.”