Sunken cars pulled from Houston bayou graves after Channel 2 Investigation

HOUSTON – The first of what is most likely to be hundreds of sunken cars to be retrieved from Houston bayous was pulled from its watery grave Wednesday. A 1987 Buick got the honor.

Industrial divers wearing heavy duty suits attached flotation bladders to the underside of the car, which was partially buried in the bottom of Brays Bayou near South Wayside.

"We're going to get two more cars out today," Councilman Michael Kubosh said.

An interlocal pilot program agreement provides $49,500 of public funds to pull out an unspecified number of the cars. Texas Equusearch first discovered the trove of vehicles at the bottom of Houston bayous during a sonar search for a single missing vehicle.

"You and I know there are going to be some bodies in some of those cars," Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch, said.

Houston police were on hand Monday morning to inspect the video and collect the license plate and vehicle identification numbers. 

A rusty license plate was still attached to the Buick that was pulled out Wednesday morning.

Channel 2 Investigates first brought you the story of the sunken cars in May 2014.