Facebook page showing local 'beautiful' teen boys shut down

BELLVILLE, Texas – A Facebook page was shut down after a group of parents in Bellville were furious and claimed it compromised the safety of their children.

The page is called "Beautiful Boys Around the World" and it displayed thousands of pictures of what seems to be young male adults and teen boys in public places.

More than 11,000 users have "liked" the page.

The page's description reads:

"There are lots of cute boy Facebook pages -- the difference here is that these photos were taken by me, in my travels across six continents. Why do I take pictures of cute boys? Because taking photos of the Eiffel Tower or the Parliament in London is not silly -- you can get better ones on the Internet. I have over 15,000 such photos -- this page is for a sample of my favorites."

"He has pictures of people from Austin County, from Pearland, from Houston, from League City and it's wrong. It needs to stop," said Tommy Johnson of Bellville.

"I'm disgusted, I'm sick," said Jill Samples, who told KPRC 2 her 16-year-old son was photographed and his photo was posted on the page without their knowledge or permission.

Samples said the photo shows her son at a county fair.

"It has been up there since October and this is the first we've seen it, heard about it," said Samples.

A man named Brett Johnson also told KPRC 2 he discovered his photo had been taken and posted on the page without his knowledge or permission too.

"Thought it was a little weird and strange to me that this person had thousands of pictures of random people he didn't know," said Johnson.

Channel 2 legal analyst, Brian Wice said the page's creator does not seem to be breaking any laws.

"It's not illegal because it's not pornography, it's not even obscene and it's not attempting to make use of the likeness of these kids for any commercial gain," said Wice.

Channel 2 contacted the FBI about any investigations into the Facebook page or creator. A representative said the organization is not investigating the page.