Houstonians make final campaign for and against equal rights ordinance

HOUSTON – Proposition 1, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, once again took center stage Monday as those for and against it are trying to reach as many voters as possible.

A group of faith leaders spoke about why they think Prop 1 should pass and how it will impact everyone.

"We desire to be movers and shakers for peace and justice in our city and that is why our community affirms Prop 1, Houston's equal rights ordinance. We believe we are all God's children, we believe in treating everyone fairly and equally under the law," said Rev. Jenni Martin Fairbanks.

On the other side, there are plenty of people speaking out against the equal rights ordinance, including Campaign for Houston.

"It's an 8,000-word document," Campaign for Houston spokesman Jared Woodfill said. "It's over 28 pages and they try to hide from the scary truth found in those 8,000 words and 28 pages. It allows biological males, including registered sex offenders, to go into female restrooms, locker rooms and showers all under the protection of the law and we as Houstonians need to say no to that."

So what does this mean for employers and business owners?

"We represent employers and management in complying with labor and employment laws, and if Prop 1 passes, our job will be to educate employers and assist them in providing compliance, either counseling  or training, to make sure they comply with what's required by the law," said attorney Joseph Gagnon.

Polls open at 7 a.m. Tuesday.