Men from 'Money Team' charged after video shot on stolen iPad goes viral

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – There were no smiles in the mugshots of two young men who were arrested after a viral video uploaded to the Internet from a stolen iPad led authorities straight to them.

Dillan Thompson,22, and Dorian Gaines, 21, were both charged with theft.  Thompson appeared in detention court Thursday morning, but his partner in the alleged crime was not present.

According to Harris County sheriff's deputies, Thompson and Gaines swiped an iPad from a truck in River Oaks, then took selfies with it.

Randy Schaefer says when he walked out of his home Jan. 8, he found that someone had broken into his truck and stolen his property.

"I realized that my backpack had been stolen," Schaefer told Local 2. "I had cash in there and an iPad and a Macbook Pro."

Schaefer called police and thought that was the end of it -- until pictures of two men surfaced through his iCloud account.

"There were several pictures," Schaefer said. "There were about 15 pictures."

Soon after a video surfaced on YouTube called "Burger King Ballin." It shows two young men with thousands of dollars in $100 bills. The video appears to have been shot at a Burger King, possibly the same restaurant in Montrose where Schaefer believes the two took selfies and uploaded the video.

"Hello America.  This is Dorian from the Money Team.  This is my brother Dillan, also Money Team, and this my good people is what we get from a good night's hustle," the man who called himself Dorian said as he held up stacks of cash. "We doing 'Big Face Ben' over here [referring to Benjamin Franklin's face on the money] new, old, we just hustle.  Don't worry about how."

The man called Dillan in the video also spoke.

"No 20s, no fives, no 10s.  Read it, big face; big," he said while fanning out a handful of cash.

After the video went viral, people started sounding off on social media, claiming to know Dorian and Dillan.  It wasn't long before officers came knocking on their doors.

Deputies told Local 2 they found the first man Wednesday evening at Covenant House. After he was arrested, deputies said he led them to his friend, who was at an apartment complex. The second man was arrested around 9:45 p.m.

Thompson and Gaines were each given a $5,000 bond.

Click here to see the "Burger King Ballin" Youtube video  [Warning:  Explicit Language].