Two men arrested after they allegedly stole iPad from truck, took selfies


HOUSTON – On Wednesday police arrested two people suspected of stealing an iPad from a truck in River Oaks and then taking selfies with it.  

Police said a 22-year-old and a 20-year-old were taken into custody and charged with theft. 

Deputies told Local 2 they found the first man Wednesday evening at Covenant House. He was arrested, said deputies, and he led them to his friend who was at an apartment complex. 

Authorities said the second man was arrested around 9:45 p.m,

Schaefer says when he walked out of his home on Jan. 8, he found that someone had broken into his truck and had taken his iPad and money he had in a bag.

"I realized that my backpack had been stolen," the truck's owner, Randy Schaefer, told Local 2. "I had cash in there and an iPad and a Macbook Pro."

He called police and thought that was the end of it -- until pictures of two men surfaced through his iCloud account.

"There were several pictures," Schaefer said. "There were about 15 pictures."

When he shared the pictures on Local 2 News, about 11,000 people shared the story on Facebook along with the names of two possible suspects.

Soon after a video surfaced on YouTube called "Burger King Ballin." It shows the two young men with thousands of dollars in $100 bills. The video appears to have been shot at a Burger King, possibly the same restaurant where Schaefer believes the two took selfies and uploaded in Montrose.

The victim says he had the "Find my iPad" app installed, but believes it was turned off right after it was stolen.