Over 50 Texas vanity license plates at risk of removal


AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles announced Thursday that 56 different vanity license plates are at risk of being removed.

Multiple organizations have been notified that their plate design doesn't meet new requirements that were made in December 2014, according to My Plates, the official vendor for specialty license plates in Texas.

Officials say the minimum requirement is 200 plates actively in use over a given year. License plates with pro sports team and university logos are some of the plates that are at risk of being permanently removed from the program.

"We first contacted each plate organization mid last year to inform them of the new sales threshold and started working on plans to lift their sales," said Steve Farrar, president of MyPlates.com. "We're hopeful that the fans who wish to support their organization will now purchase their specific plate to avoid it being permanently removed.

Specific license plates must meet a set of sales milestones to stay eligible.

The milestones include:

Fifty plates must be sold and in use by March 15, 100 must be sold by June 13, 150 must be sold by Sept. 11, and 200 must be sold by Dec. 15.

Plates that do not meet the first milestone in March are at the greatest risk, according to My Plates.

Click here for a complete list of the license plates at risk of removal.