Lawsuit filed over killing fields murders

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas – A hundred million dollar civil lawsuit has been filed against a man suspected of being responsible for the so-called "Killing Fields" murders in the early 1980s. The founder of Texas Equusearch, Tim Miller, filed the lawsuit against Clyde Edwin Hedrick.

"I want Clyde to know this isn't over with," said Miller. "As long as there's one ounce of breath left in me, I'm going after Clyde Hedrick."

In March, Hedrick was convicted in the 1984 death of Ellen Rae Beason and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Local 2 Investigates reported court documents filed by prosecutors in Beason's case also linked Hedrick to the murders of Miller's daughter, Laura, Heidi Marie Fye and a woman still only know as Jane Doe. Despite these legal filings, prosecutors were not allowed to use this information during Hedrick's trial.

"I was kind of disappointed that we couldn't use some of the evidence and there just wasn't enough to get him indicted on Heidi and Laura and Jane Doe," said Miller. "I don't think what Clyde is being accused of right now is all the people that Clyde Hedrick has gotten in his life."

Miller said this is why he filed a civil suit against Hedrick. Miller said he wants Hedrick questioned under oath about these murders and hopes this effort will uncover some new detail that help will investigators.

Miller's attorney, Wilbur Dunten, said statements Hedrick made to fellow inmates and statements from family members about these murders that were not allowed to be used during the criminal, could be used in a civil setting because the burden of proof is much lower.

Miller said a civil suit will also help block Hedrick from somehow profiting from the intense interest in these murders.

"I want to make sure Clyde doesn't write a book, write a movie or sell memorabilia," said Miller. "I'm going for everything you've got or everything you will have."

Dunten said this why they are seeking a $100 million judgment against a man serving a lengthy prison sentence.

"A judgment against him may impede that possibility or if not stop it totally," said Dunten.

Dunten said he expects Hedrick to be served with this lawsuit at his prison unit in Rosharon by the end of the week.

During a January interview with Local 2 Investigates at the Galveston County jail Hedrick denied any involvement in these murders.

"They're trying to pin me for the 'Killing Fields' murders. I didn't kill her. I didn't even know her. I've never hurt anybody in my life. I don't hurt women," Hedrick said during his interview in January.

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