Texas jailer fired for improper use of force

DENTON, Texas – Video that got a Texas jailer fired and left an inmate severely injured has been released.

Jason Bishop accused the jailer of using excessive force during booking.

Bishop was arrested July 19 on public intoxication charges, according to the Denton Police Department.

Authorities say he refused to cooperate and jailers grabbed him and put him in a jail cell.

One of the detention officers, identified as Darious Porter, applies a leg sweep that sent Bishop into a wild fall right onto his face.

Police issued an apology Thursday for what they are calling an unauhorized leg sweep that was against department policy.

"You know, we've already talked to him and told him, you know, we were in the wrong," Ryan Grelle of the Denton Police Department said. "We're just letting people outside Mr. Bishop and us that know what happened - you know, this is truly what happened. We are absolutely sorry that it happened to him."

Police say what should have happened is what they call a controlled take-down, meaning they take the person who is being arrested, grab that person by both arms and slowly lower them to the ground.

"I've never been treated like this, or you know, come out with any kind of serious injuries like this," Bishop said.

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