How to take the best selfie

HOUSTON – Stephanie Burke admits she's a Facebook junky who loves to take pictures with her cell phone.

But now, she wants to take those photos to the next level.

To do that, Local 2 brought in a team of experts: Make-up artist Jentry Kelly, photographer Mark Chen and stylist Emily Elliot.

Kelly said while Hollywood stars have a full-time make-up artist, you can fake it.

"First thing you want to do is use a bronzer without shimmer," said Kelly. "When taking a photo, the skin that's lighter and brighter looks like it's hanging down forward."

Kelly said the tip is to tuck the shadow right underneath the jawline, and dust it down so it's believable.

To fix those halo looking circles under your eyes, Kelly recommends that you go brighter than your skin tone, but not lighter. For Stephanie, that's a peachy color.

The stylist, Emily, said for cell phone photos and selfies, wear color.

"Brighter colors are great," said Elliot. "Purples, shades of blue are beautiful, typically on any skin tone," said Elliot.

And, watch your posture. Professional photographer Mark Chen recommends to stand up straight, so you look taller and thinner.

"You always want to have some space in between where your body and your arms are," said Chen. "Instead of having a straight-on photo, go ahead and angle. Put your weight on your back foot and be more relaxed."

Mark also recommends that you angle your face towards light.

If it's a selfie that you're taking, keep the camera up high and tilted towards you. For a group of friends, Mark recommends that you hold the camera higher. That way you can have more people looking up in the camera.

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