Police: Great-grandson had no remorse for murders

HOUSTON – The man accused of murdering his great grandfather and aunt spoke with Local 2 Investigates during a jailhouse interview just days after being charged with capital murder. No recording devices are allowed in the Harris County jail. Interviews are conducted by speaking with inmates through a metal speaker box in the middle of a thick piece of Plexiglas.

Cameron Dorsey is accused of murdering two family members and during the interview with Local 2 he was calm and spoke in short sentences with a matter-of-fact tone.

"Do you think it's fair you've been charged with capital murder?" asked Local 2 Investigator Robert Arnold.

"Yeah, I think it's fair," said Dorsey. "Seeing it from all sides I think it's fair."

"Do you remember what happened?" asked Arnold.

"Yes," said Dorsey.

"What happened?" asked Arnold.

"I don't want to talk about that," said Dorsey.

Police said at the time of the murders Dorsey was living with his great grandfather, 89 year old Vincent Dorsey, who was also the pastor of the Jesus Christ Holy Temple church in Southeast Houston.

"His grandfather was really making an attempt to get him back where he'd recover and be OK," said J.J. Wilson, a sergeant with the Houston Police Department.

Wilson said Cameron Dorsey had been living with his great grandfather while he was on probation for a charge of theft from the elderly.

"He was a pastor. He expected him to go to church and do basic household chores," said Wilson.

Wilson said Cameron Dorsey just didn't like following the rules the morning of the murders became angry and began stabbing his great grandfather when Vincent Dorsey tried to get him to do household chores.

"He really just did this because he got tired of making his bed, wash dishes and go to church?" asked Arnold.

"Basically yes," said Wilson. "That was his only excuse for acting out in violence."

Wilson said Cameron Dorsey began stabbing his aunt when she came to Vincent Dorsey's aid. Barbara Ann Alexander was visiting the family from California. She was in town for her son's wedding, police said.

"She was basically collateral damage," said Wilson.

"(He) used the sledgehammer at the end where he said he was going to finish off the victims, that was his way of finishing off the victims," said Wilson.

Wilson said Dorsey then set the house on fire to try to cover up evidence, before driving off in his great grandfather's SUV. Wilson said Cameron Dorsey abandoned the SUV when it got stuck in a creek bed in Chambers County. Wilson said Cameron Dorsey told investigators he spent one night in the woods before hitch-hiking back to Houston. Wilson said Cameron Dorsey then spent a couple of nights in homeless before returning to his great grandfather's church on Sunday.

Neighbors spotted Dorsey at the church and dialed 911. Dorsey was arrested and Wilson said he later confessed to the murders.

When asked by Local 2 why he returned to the church, Dorsey said, "I saw it on the news so I knew it was a big a deal. I just thought I'd talk about it with my probation officer on Monday."

Wilson said Dorsey showed no remorse for the killings.

"I explained the word remorse to him and he said that he really didn't have remorse for either of the two victims," said Wilson. "At the end of the interview he did claim he was going to plead insanity for this case."

Dorsey did claim to Local 2 that he suffered from hallucinations and had been seeing a psychiatrist for the last six months, but had not been prescribed any medication.

"I used to see bugs crawling on me," Dorsey said.

"I saw no signs of mental illness, he was clear," said Wilson. "He's thought it out, it's methodical. He's attempted to cover up evidence and hide cars and everything else but still claiming insanity."

Sources close to the case told Local 2 officers were called to Vincent Dorsey's home in March 2011 when Cameron Dorsey set his bedroom on fire. However, Local 2's sources said Vincent Dorsey told investigators the fire was an accident. Our sources also said 4 days before the murders officers were again called to the home for some type of disturbance involving Cameron Dorsey. However, sources said Vincent Dorsey again told officers everything was "OK."