Humble man sues Walmart

Claims he was falsely accused of stealing

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HUMBLE, Texas – An Humble man has filed a lawsuit against Walmart and two employees, claiming they falsely accused him of stealing a vacuum cleaner.

Henry Daniels said he went to the Humble Walmart to return a vacuum cleaner he had received as a gift. The price tag said it was $210, but Daniels didn't have a receipt. 

"When we entered into the store, nobody was there in the front to check any of the merchandise," said Daniels, who then proceeded to the customer service desk. "She told me that because of the price of the vacuum cleaner, she couldn't return it and that I had to have a receipt."

Daniels said he agreed to try and get the receipt. He put the vacuum back in his cart and decided to do some more shopping. He bought his kids some candy and then tried to leave the store.

"As I walked out, I felt two bumps forward and basically it was two bigger guys," he said. "They kind of aggressively grabbed me and said the merchandise was stolen."

According to the lawsuit, Walmart workers forced Daniels to the back of the store where he was questioned. 

"They actually grabbed me forcefully and threw me onto a bench," he said.

Daniels said his head hit the wall and the workers separated him from his kids.

"Immediately, my girl was hollering at the top of her lungs, my boys were grabbing on to both sides of my pants," he said.

The lawsuit states that the Harris County Sheriff's Office was called. A deputy reviewed some surveillance video, saw Daniels walk into the store with the vacuum, and let him go.

The Sheriff's Office said a deputy responded and found that the store had no reason to hold Daniels or arrest him.

Walmart hasn't commented on the lawsuit.

The 12 pages lawsuit states that Daniels and his family left the store embarrassed, in shock, traumatized, and in pain. 

"As I was leaving and finally reunited with my kids, still, no apology," Daniels said.