Madam Zero’s guide to champagne this holiday season

HOUSTON – Salut to champagne!

But do you know how to pair champagne with food, or which type is best suited as a present?

If not, don’t worry. Matthew Massey, founder and CEO of Madame Zero Champagne, shares his expert tips on navigating the bubbles.

“80% is what we taste is what we smell,” according to Massey. Madame Zero believes in transparency and encourages you to question what’s in the champagne.

“There’s a lot of blending in champagne, a lot of unknowns,” says Massey.

This is why Massey created a focused and artisanal style of champagne called Madame Zero. They focus on growing exceptional quality fruit, extended aging of their champagnes, and ultra-low sugar.

Watch the video above as he guides Tessa and Mel with his champagne knowledge.

And if you like to get a taste, Madame Zero is hosting a free tasting every Friday, Saturday, and Saturday in December from 12 pm - 3 pm at the Central Market.

For more information about Madame Zero Champagne, click → here.