How a 76-Year-Old Woman from Huntsville Turned Off Her Leg Pain and got Back to Hiking

HOUSTON – If you are in pain, the team at AK Pain & Spine Center want get you through their doors. They are on a mission to turn off pain and help patients get their quality of life back. For Doris Gribble, this made all the difference.

Suffering extreme pain in her leg, Doris’ days were becoming more and more limited to simply reading books in a recliner chair, I would look outside and think I’m never going to be able to get outside again and work in the flower beds, or build bird feeders, or go on those hikes I would go on with my children. It was quite depressing,” she told Houston Life.

While Doris suffered leg pain the cause was in issue with her lower back.

“About 34% of low back pain goes misdiagnosed because the joint has been overlooked. Sometimes, it may present itself as just hip pain. Ruling out all the other potential sources is absolutely critical,” explained Dr. Khosla.

Ultimately, Doris found relief through a spinal fusion procedure.

“I’m walking that half mile again, not as quickly, but I walk that half mile and I was able to go to Colorado and make a hike. So, yeah, life’s good,” Doris said.

Watch the video above to learn how the team at AK Pain & Spine Center helped Doris get back to enjoying life again.

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About the Author:

Melanie Camp is a correspondent on KPRC 2’s Houston Life.