Pain, Pain Go Away! Interventional Pain Management Therapies Helping to Turn Off Back and Leg

HOUSTON – Sharon Robbins thought she was going to have to slow right down and give up a job she loved because of knee and back pain.

“I have two jobs. I drive special needs children to school and I drive seniors back and forth to doctors appointments and whatever they need. A lot of it is sitting and driving. The knees would hurt, the lower back would hurt... When you get out of the car, you kind of stumble,” Sharon said on Houston Life.

Ultimately, Sharon found relief through spinal cord stimulation.

AK Pain & Spine Nurse Practitioner, Kelsey Duncan, said one of the best things about the therapy, which ultimately ends up being an implant, is that you get to test and see if it works before you commit to the procedure.

“You have a 3 to 5 day trial where Dr. Khosla puts you under a moderate sedation and inserts two wires into the epidural space, which is behind your spinal cord. And, at the end of these wires, they have some little electrodes,” said Duncan.

For Sharon, relief was instant.

“I just got off the table and I said, ‘Oh, there’s no pain.’ And, I really felt like I could dance right out,” said Sharon.

At AK Pain & Spine Center it is a matter of teamwork making the dream work when it comes to finding solutions that help turn off pain for patients.

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About the Author:

Melanie Camp is a correspondent on KPRC 2’s Houston Life.