We tried the cold Korean fruit bowl everyone is making on TikTok - was it delicious or disgusting?

HOUSTON – Time for another viral Tik Tok trend, and today we are trying a traditional Korean chilled fruit-and-milk dish called Hwachae.

The original viral video of user @amyflamy1 eating her fruit bowl has over 12 million views, so we were curious to see what is in this bowl so many people are trying.

According to a Korean food blog, ‘Hwachae’ is a traditional Korean punch served in the summer as a refreshing drink.

The recipe can be made many ways, but we are using watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, dragon fruit, strawberry milk and sprite. The items have to be chilled!

Dump all of the fruit into a big bowl, add ice if you’d like, get a big spoon, and enjoy!

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