Catching up with Houston baseball star, José Altuve

HOUSTON – 2 HOOT HARD ICED TEA is hosting a “tea-ball” classic game on September 14 from 5-9pm at Constellation Field.

The game is backed by Houston’s own baseball star, José Altuve.

While, Altuve, won’t be playing in the game, he did share some advice for the players.

Houston Life got the chance to talk to the legendary Astro to catch up on family, friends and life.

On the event:

“Anyone is welcomed to come have a great night and this is probably the only chance we have in the season to really interact, to meet and greet, really ask some questions, so I’m really excited and happy about this,” Altuve said.

We asked him about making Houston his home.

“Obviously, I remember my days in Corpus Christi, getting called up straight from then, skipping Triple A and making it to the big leagues and like you said staying in Houston ever since. I love the game. I love the Houston Astros. I love the fans, the city, that’s what gives me the motivation and energy to go out there every day. Upfront, I always say they are the best fans in baseball they’re always supporting us so they deserve every single play, everything we have.”

He said he would rather get 4 homeruns over 5 hits in a game!

“Every player will say 4 homers,” Altuve laughed.

Concerning the Astros wonderfully diverse roster:

“That’s one of the things I like the most about our team, that we have guys like José Urquidy, from Mexico. We got Framber from the Dominican Republic , we got Mauricio Dubón from Honduras, we got Martín Maldonado from Puerto Rico, you know, we got Yordan Álvarez, Cuban, I’m Venezuelan and believe it or not we all share a little bit of our countries our cultures so you get to learn about other places you’ve never been and never learned about and you start falling in love and wanting to know more and more about it.”

Altuve informed us about life as a girl dad.

“I love my daughters, they became Astros fans, they are really into it. Whenever we don’t win, they ask me what happened. My oldest daughter said, hey maybe you need to practice more. They are really into winning and they love the Houston Astros!”

His thoughts on the team, as the playoff window is closely approaching.

“We are gonna go out there and play hard, it hasn’t been easy this year, it’s never easy. The Mariners and Rangers are right there. We need to win as many games as possible and make it to the playoffs!

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