An Innovative Way to Lose Weight

HOUSTON LIFE – Innovative Lasers of Houston specialize in weight loss and Founder and CEO, Laura Alexis the work she does means more than weight loss, it is about helping people gain back their life.

From bat wings to belly fat. “We are your one stop shop for weight loss,” said Alexis.

Alexis discovered the innovative laser technology she uses at her Houston clinic after enduring a personal tragedy. “My son died in the hands of a daycare provider,” Alexis explained to Houston Life. After this, Alexis says she hit rock bottom and the trauma and grief she suffered lead her to binge eat. And, the weight on the scales skyrocketed.

A doctor friend introduced Alexis to the lasers she now uses in her clinic. “I was able to get my life back,” said Alexis. Now, she is dedicated to helping others. “There are lasers out there that help correct vision. There is a laser created to lose weight,” said Alexis of the technology.

“There is no downtime. There’s not swelling. There’s no bruising,” she said of the procedure.

As a special to Houston Life viewers Innovative Lasers of Houston are offering a half price weight loss package. For only $1200 you will get a weight loss treatment that is normally valued at $2400.

Call and schedule a free appointment and see in Innovative Lasers of Houston can help you. The number is 281.888.3094. To find out more online just click HERE.