Daniel Gil makes it to the season 15 finale of NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’

HOUSTON – Houston Life chats with Houston ninja superstar Daniel Gil about all the buzz regarding tonight’s season 15 finale of NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’ where one competitor is walking away with 1 million dollars!

Will it be him?

The Kingdom Ninja certainly has what it takes to bring home the cash prize as he is an 8x-time veteran of this show and has been a 5-time. National Finalist. He returned to American Ninja Warrior this season after a 2-year-hiatus.

There was a lot of expectation surrounding his performance but he delivered and even made it to the thrilling stage four finale course.

Tonight’s episode will see him take the Stage 4 rope climb where the fastest ninja wins $1 Million.

Gil is a motivational speaker and worship leader with a new book out that aims to help people pursue a lifestyle that promotes total well-being—body, mind, and soul.

Watch his complete interview in the video above.

And don’t forget to tune into the ‘American Ninja Warrior’ 15 finale, tonight at 7 pm central on KPRC 2 and streaming on Peacock.

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