How to care for your garden during Houston’s drought

HOUSTON – If the long-running heat and drought are wreaking havoc on your yard, Jen McDonald, Co-Owner of Garden Girls, is sharing her care tips to get your trees, shrubs, and plants back in shape.

“Our gardens are in survival mode. When you see wilted leaves, or leaf scorching (brown edges and spots), you need to water,” said McDonald, one of the faces behind the local company which specializes in kitchen garden design, installation, and education for newbie Houston gardeners.

Leaf scorching during drought (Garden Girls)

“Regarding watering, McDonald urges “Trees are the highest dollar investment and should receive the most care right now.”

“Try supplemental watering with a hose on very low, once a week or every 2 weeks. The goal is a slow and deep watering for an hour either early in the morning or late in the evening. Don’t water in the middle of the day as it is lost to evaporation.” She also recommends adding mulch because it will help them conserve water.

“Wood chips or shredded bark will work well, add a few inches around the tree trunk. You can remove dead branches but save the pruning and shaping for later in the fall. For gardens, the focus right now is on removing expired plants and amending the soil,” said McDonald.

She also gave us her expert advice on when and what to plant for fall gardens in the Houston area.

“We are supposed to receive rain in the next two weeks, so we can begin planting some fruits, flowers, and herbs and will continue to use a shade cloth to do so,” she said.

Watch her complete interview and tips in the video above.

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