How to make your dining room look like a trendy restaurant

HOUSTON – Is your dining room in need of an update? How about getting some inspiration from interior designer Gin Braverman?

As the founder and creative director of Gin Design Group, she has put her design skills on some of the most beautiful eateries in Houston, and she’s sharing her top tips to help make your dining room feel like your favorite restaurant.

Braverman has worked on hot dining spots like Eunice, Daily Gather, Mala Sichuan, The Lymbar, and Jun.

Her work has been featured in publications such as GQ, Architectural Digest, The Architect’s Newspaper, Texas Monthly Hospitality Design, and others.

These are Braverman’s suggestions.

1. Offer Comfortable & Durable Seating:

“Because guests want to linger a while. Also, use contract grade fabrics that are stain resistant, fire retardant etc.,” she said.

2. Use Flattering Light Sources

“I suggest using sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, candles - and having a remote switch - to set whatever mood you want,” she said.

3. Feature Greenery or Florals

“If you use it as a centerpiece-start off with it on the table, then move to a sideboard or adjacent surface for a focal point,” she said.

4. Decorate with Conversation Pieces

“Include something in your entertaining space that is unique and personal to you and/or a backdrop with textures- The Lymbar has a large shelving unit filled with personal mementos and curiosities. It adds soul to a space. Texture on a wall or wallcoverings will also accomplish this. Eunice’s wallpaper is durable and beautiful,” said Braverman.

5. Mix and Match Artisan Dinnerware

“Chefs today believe that the plate you’re eating from is almost as important as the food you’re eating. Which is why more of them are turning to bespoke ceramics, using either plates and bowls that they have made themselves, or had commissioned by professional potters,” she said.

Check out her interview in the video above to see how she brings these tips to life.

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