Pearland sister-brother duo run successful businesses selling aguas frescas and elote

HOUSTON – Before they return to the classroom, we’re introducing you to a brother and sister duo who also happens to be inspiring entrepreneurs paying homage to their Mexican roots by selling fruit drinks and elote.

10-year-old Victoria Zara is the CEO of Victoria’s Aguitas Frescas, a creative mobile beverage company where she sells aguas frescas, refreshing fruit drinks made simply of fruit blended with water, lime juice, and a bit of sweetener.

The fifth grader started the business selling lemonade and in four years has grown it into a local favorite.

She goes to pick up the fruits from the market, mixes them in her home kitchen, packs the drinks in bottles, and later attends local pop-up markets, birthdays, and events.

Inspired by sister Victoria, 15-year-old John Zara decided to open his own business, El Rey Del Elote.

He saw the need to have a tasty snack to go along with Victoria’s Aguas Frescas.

In two years, John has seen his customer base increase and takes his elote business to private events like quinceañeras, weddings, and local markets.

John, an incoming junior at Turner High School in Pearland, says the best part of his business venture is “meeting other kids his age to motivate them that anything they want in life is possible.”

You can follow John, here.

To follow Victoria, click here.

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