How to organize your closet and maximize space

HOUSTON – Whether you have a huge walk-in or just a small corner in your room!

Brooke Rives, a professional organizer and a principal at Dwell Well Inc., shared her expert tips and hacks to help you organize your closet and declutter.

Watch her complete interview and recommendations in the video above.

1. HOW TO START THE PROCESS OF CLEANING OUT YOUR CLOSET: Pull all like items out, hang on a garment rack, and sort by sleeve length, fabric, and color. Put all alike items together so you can see what you have.

2. HANGERS: Good hangers are key. You want all uniform hangers that look alike. There are many options but she loves, including the ones that are slim and study, or made out of felt. “I love these, but if you like to yank clothing off, these are not for you as they break,” she said.

Also, you can add two pants to each hanger. It will look better and will allow you to fit more items.

Jeans in a closet (Dwell Well Inc)

TIP: To save space in your closet, go for clip hangers. She recommends these.

" I clip all shorts skirts and even the workout skirts,” said Rives. “There are clothes organizer systems with convenient clips on Amazon: These are great if you are tight on space,” she said.

Find it, here.

3 ORGANIZING HANDBAGS OR SANDALS: Use packing paper or the bubble wrap that comes in an Amazon box to keep the shape of a purse to display. If you want to organize larger bags, use clear hanger-duffle bags or hard-to-store bags on a shelf.

Find it, here and here.

4. SHOES: Find a double-deck shoe rack. “These are not the best looking but great for saving space and are affordable,” she said.

Find it, here.

TIP: For space saving on a shelf with shoes, “turn one shoe in the opposite direction- chances are you can fit one more pair on the shelf,” she recommends.

5. BELTS: In-drawer belt organizers are great because they are magnetic, and you can use as many as you need to fit your drawer.

Find it, here.

6. HATS: She loves acrylic hat stands from Amazon. “They come in different heights and look great on a shelf,” said Rives.

Find it, here.

If you want help organizing any space in your home, connect with Rives and Dwell Well, Inc., click here.

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