Best plants that beat the summer heat

HOUSTON – From succulents that thrive in Houston’s hot climate to striking desert plants that will be perfect for your outdoor space!

Jemine Oakes, co-founder of the local interior plant and floral design shop The Flora Culture, shows you the top plants that will survive outdoors in the summer heat!

According to Oakes, some of her favorite plants that thrive in the heat, both indoors and outdoors, include euphorbia, cactus, aloe, ZZ, and sansevieria. The latter is better known as the snake plant.

“ZZ and Sansevieria are known to survive in low light, but they will also thrive in the heat. Make sure to adjust them slowly if you’ve had them indoors for a long time,” said Oakes.

She also explained that the best succulent for our climate cold and rain is the ghost succulent.

Another recommendation is “Give your outdoors and pool area an exotic makeover by adding more personality with desert plants.” she said,

  • Use contrasting colors and textures for more striking displays
  • Go for spineless varieties around curious kids and pets
  • Use them in pots to increase water drainage and to bring them inside when it freezes.

If you’d like to see all her tips and her top plant choices, watch the video above.

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