Easy STEM activities to do at home with the kids this summer

HOUSTON – No camp for your kids, no problem!

Crystal Lister, a local STEM educator, and Youtuber with Mommy and Me: The Listers“The STEM Innovation Curators, and her daughter Krissy, are showing 3 STEM-related projects you can make at home with your kids to keep them entertained!

You can make these activities using common household items, like toilet paper and straws.

Check out all the fun you can have at home in the video above and the science behind each of these experiments.

1. Paper Rocket Launch

-Cardstock with drawn or printed rocket on it

-Jumbo or milkshake straw

-Flexi straw


-Harnessing the Power of Air

STEPS to experiment:

  • Draw a rocket on a piece of cardstock
  • Cut rocket out
  • Attach a small piece of jumbo/milkshake straw with the tape to the back of the rocket
  • Insert flexi straw inside of jumbo/milkshake straw and launch the rocket by blowing into the flexi straw
  • Watch it soar

2. Toilet Paper Bernoulli Principle

-4 squares of Toilet Paper

- Your air

STEPS to experiment:

  • Position the toilet tissue in front of your mouth and blow to increase the pressure from high pressure to low pressure like the wings of a plane and watch the tissue fly right in front of you

3. Super-Sized Bernoulli Principle

-Leaf blower

-An extension cord (optional)

-Toilet tissues roll(s)

-Paint Roller

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