How to save money on a family summer vacation

Top tips how to save $$$, where to stay and what to do with the kids in Scottsdale, Arizona

HOUSTON – Donna Bozzo, Lifestyle Expert & Author joins Derrick Shore and Lauren Kelly on Houston Life.

It’s true: Summer in Scottsdale is sizzling, triple-digit, fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot. But it’s not the sticky, sweat-inducing humid heat you’d expect!

Instead, think of a sage-scented sauna surrounded by magnificent Sonoran Desert scenery, dozens of luxury resorts, and acres of cabana-lined pools and waterparks the whole family will love.

Watch the video above as Donna Bozzo, Lifestyle Expert & Author joins Derrick Shore and Lauren Kelly on Houston Life with your summer vacation inspiration and the best deals of the season in Scottsdale.


Bozza says, she just loves to travel with her family - most of our best family memories were created on our family trips. As parents, we have to remember childhood is fleeting, and it’s up to us to create rich warm family memories our children will cherish for a lifetime!

Her number one tip for families looking to save money on a summer trip is to work against the crowd - think OFF SEASON.

The trick is to go somewhere not everyone is going to. So this summer, she suggests for you to pack the family up for Scottsdale, Arizona.


The fun begins right outside your door at the hotel pool. Your kids will have a blast splashing at themed pool parties - we are talking DJs, pool games, drive-in movies, and fireworks. All Mom and Dad have to do is sit back in their comfy pool chair - maybe with a frozen cocktail - and watch the fun unfold. The pools are so spectacular - They have thought of really everything, rock climbing walls, sandy beaches, lazy rivers, fishing lessons, surf lessons.


Beat the heat by getting outdoors for an adventure early in the morning, relaxing by the pool, or grabbing a paddle kayaking in the afternoon, and there’s plenty of fun to be found indoors, with over 800 restaurants, 7 Arizona wine tasting rooms, and 4 museums in the Scottsdale area.


If you’re bold enough to visit during the hottest time of year, you’ll be rewarded with hotel rates starting at just $84 per night and luxury resort stays from $129 nightly, as well as seasonal discounts on tee times, spa treatments, and much more.


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