Meet the man who brought New York-inspired chopped cheese style burgers to Houston

Chris Shepherd takes us inside Burger Bodega to try this New York specialty

HOUSTON – What started as a pop-up has now turned into a brick-and-mortar that has people lining up to try this New York-inspired menu.

Abbas Dhanani, known for his Instagram account Houstoneatz and the owner of Burger Bodega, studied the style of chopped cheeseburgers in New York before bringing this authentic taste to Houston.

Located on Washington Avenue, Burger Bodega has become a fan favorite for its unique style.

And it’s halal!

So, if you’re looking for a place to eat, try out Burger Bodega. They even collaborate with other chefs, bringing more options to burger lovers in Houston. For AAPI month, Burger Bodega is teaming up with Asian chefs for special pop-up events.

See the video above on what inspired Abbas to bring this New York’s chopped cheese specialty to Houston.

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