How to create a beautiful summer tablescape using lemons

HOUSTON – If you’re having guests over at home this summer, entertain them in style!

Master Gardener and Instagram Influencer, Rhonda Kaiser, with Southern Home and Farm shows you how easy it is to set up a tablescape using lemons.

Master Gardener Rhonda Kaiser (Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

Kaiser studied interior and landscape design. She believes in sharing knowledge, growing beautiful things, and giving back to the community while encouraging others to do the same.

She is known for her showcasing curated home, farm, and garden scenery at her online community, Southern Home and Farm.

Watch the video above for the full demo, and see the instructions and materials below.


• Fresh and faux flowers

• Themed plates and decor

• Risers

• Table runner, chargers and napkins


STEP 1: Choose a theme!

Choose a theme, then build your tablescape around it. She chose lemons for today’s demonstration.

STEP 2: Choose colors that coordinate with the theme!

These can be complementary or monochromatic.


If you are uncertain about colors, invest in an inexpensive color wheel, which shows the relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors.

STEP 3: Gather decor!

Gather any appropriate saved decor. Her motto is always to try using what you have first!

STEP 4: Create your focal point first, then build around it!

PRO TIP: Invest in higher quality florals. Mix faux with fresh flowers to create a seamless look. Fresh greenery is always an inexpensive option to buy. By mixing the fresh with reusable faux, year after year, you create a cohesive look while saving money at the same time!

STEP 5: Use fresh fruit!

Try using fresh fruit in your table arrangements - this elevates the look! For example, you could use lemons at the base of a vase or glass bowl for summer, and exchange for cranberries in the winter.

PRO TIP: If your setting is more intimate, try using a decor height with this easy tip…rest your elbow on the table. Place your chin atop your hand. Decor should be kept to this height (or lower) for ease of conversation. If outdoors (or much larger setting) taller arrangements are perfectly suitable!

STEP 6: Utilize layering!

Try layering plates, chargers, and napkins. It creates more interest. There are also many ways to display napkins. For example, a simple fold left dangling under a plate, a fold into a flower shape, with a vintage brooch in the middle (for a bridal shower) or tie with jute string and rosemary (for a garden party). Napkin ring ideas are endless. Just use your imagination!

STEP 7: Match your dinnerware with the theme!

For plates and glasses, again choose your appropriate theme and color.

PRO TIP: Don’t have enough plates? No worries! Visit a local antique store for vintage plates of the same, material, color, and theme. It creates a softer, more vintage feel while staying true to your theme. Mix and matching can be just as beautiful, if not more!

STEP 8: Add decorative treasures!

Use any decorative objects that apply to your theme. Again, a mix of inexpensive versus a few treasures here will elevate the look.

PRO TIP: Use risers under a few objects to create different heights and to create visual interest, rather than resting all items on the existing table surface.

STEP 9: Have fun!

This is the most important part! Showing off your tablescape at your event gives you an opportunity to show off your decorating skills. Use this time to shine!

To connect with Rhonda, visit her website and keep up with her on Instagram @SouthernHomeandFarm.

Instructions and tips provided by Rhonda Kaiser.

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