George Lopez and his real-life daughter Mayan chat season finale of ‘Lopez vs Lopez’

HOUSTON – George Lopez is back in primetime tv along with his real-life daughter, Mayan, on the NBC series ‘Lopez vs Lopez.’  

This hilarious and heartwarming comedy tells the story of a working-class old-school Latino who moves in with his modern gen z daughter as they rebuild their dysfunctional relationship one argument at a time.

On the season finale episode airing Tuesday, May 9th titled “Lopez vs Last Call,” George hits the bottle as Mayan hits her limit with his behavior. Rosie is drunk with jealousy when Chance announces George is his hero.

Lopez vs Lopez Airs Tuesday’s 7:30 pm right here on KPRC 2, and streams the next day on Peacock.

Watch as George and Mayan Lopez chat all about the series ahead of the big season finale, George’s stand up comedy show heading to the Smart Financial Centre next month, and their special connection to Houston.

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