Stop Your Back Pain and Get Your Life Back

The Woodlands – There is a team in town who have made it their mission to turn off pain. No matter where you Hurt.

“The first time that I came in, it was because of, I call it the psychotic nerve not the sciatic. I was taking 20 to 25 ibuprofen in a day. So it wouldn’t hurt. And I said, we got to do something,” said Allen Hadley.

Allen found the interventional solutions for pain management available at AK Pain & Spine have made all the difference.

Interventional pain physician, Dr. Ankur Khosla told Houston Life that Allen’s case was interesting. “His spine is one that we see a lot in our practice where the discs have degenerated, they’ve lost some of their shock absorbing potential, and the nerves start to feel the pressure of that.”

Allen could not stay too long in one position or even bend over. “I couldn’t tie my shoes...I couldn’t cut my own toenails,” said Allen.

For many suffering with back pain along with it can come depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.

“I was used to doing everything. I had big shops and garages and all that stuff. Laying on my back and running under cars and trucks and everything else. And, all the attics that I have climbed into where never a problem. But, it got to the point I had to lay down to do it,” said Allen adding that the back pain made him feel old. “You know, if we knew we were gonna live this long, we would take better care of ourselves.”

Like the saying goes Hindsight is 2020. But, when you’re looking to steer a patient toward a pain free future, the approach is more like that of a detective following clues.

“So that’s actually the really exciting part for me, is being able to identify a specific nerve that might be sending that discomfort to the brain to the body. And so we can offer something that’s not a band aid. That’s not a pill. That’s not surgery. But we can modulate or modify the way that discomfort signal is being sent to the brain,” explained Dr. Khosla of how his team is able to work at turning off the pain in patients.

After treatment Allen found relief.

“Within a week I was in Colorado climbing mountains. I took all the grandkids up there for holidays,” he said.

AK Pain & Spine Center offer same or next day appointments.

“Our mission is nobody in pain should wait,” said Dr. Khosla.

Call AK Pain & Spine today. As a special for Houston Life viewers they are offering free screenings to the first 25 callers. The number is 281-896-0013 or you can visit them online at they have five locations throughout Houston, including the Heights Humble, Willis, Baytown, and The Woodlands. Yes

Find out more about how Allen Hadley found relief from back pain in the video above.

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