Detecting Hidden Disease Inside Your Body with a Simple Scan

Bellaire – “At Advanced Body Scan, we have proven that early detection saves lives,” said Advanced Body Scan founder Steve Marler.

In over a decade of doing body scans the clinic has discovered the early signs of two of the most deadly disease, heart disease and cancer, in thousands of people.

Jacci Gantz decided to do a body scan on a whim after her husband suffered a heart attack.

“They discovered a mass in my left kidney, and I immediately told my doctor who immediately got me in touch with a urologist and within a week, I had my left kidney removed. The mass inside my kidney was the size of a baseball,” said Jacci.

Jacci said there were no signs anything was wrong inside her body. “I had absolutely no symptoms, none at all, like, you know, walking five to seven miles a day, lots of energy, lots of activities. Nothing.”

Diseases can grow in the body for years before there are any signs of trouble but this does not mean there is not a problem. The earlier you detect disease the sooner you can start treatment.

“The body is an amazing machine. It compensates for these illnesses at an early stage until the point where the illness overtakes the body’s ability to compensate in the immune system. And that’s when we have what’s called a symptom,” explained Steve.

Body Scans are a way to detect disease before symptoms start. " We can find these diseases at early stages. Before it’s too late to get treated,” said Steve.

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About the Author:

Melanie Camp is a correspondent on KPRC 2’s Houston Life.