Celebrating Black History Month with the Harmony School of Fine Arts and Technology

HOUSTON – For Black History Month, many students in schools across the area learn about all the trailblazing men and women changing our society.

Today on Houston Life, our Photojournalist Enrique Ramirez spoke to local students at Harmony Public School of Fine Arts and Technology about what this month of recognition means to them.

At Harmony School of Fine Arts, students from many different grades are celebrating Black History Month by participating in tons of enrichment programs and immersive learning experiences.

Stacia Roberts, a Dyslexia teacher at the school, said “We’re putting on a 2023 Black History Program. Our theme is entitled, Black Resistance.”

In the program, there was a live experience offered for students to see and experience the richness of black history. It featured students dancing, singing, and reading poems of their own spoken words.

When asked about the meaning of Black History Month, Journey Jefferson, a 6th grader at the Harmony School of Fine Arts and Technology said, “Black History Month to me means a month where I can celebrate my role models and people who I care about.”

Many students shared their appreciation of Black History Month and what it means for them.

At the program, they also had a room filled with projects completed by the young scholars showcasing their work.

Stacia Roberts also added “I want the scholars to learn today that they have the opportunity to be whomever they choose, the sky is actually the limit for them.”

Watch the video above to see how the students from the Harmony School of Performing Arts and Technology celebrated Black History Month and see what this month means for them as young students of color.

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