Take a Look at this Alternative Back Up Power Source for Small Spaces

Houston – There is an easy solution to getting back up power for your townhome or condo and Houston Life visited one home to learn about how owner, Abraham Madha uses a Houston made product to help him power on thorough any outage.

“I’m finding it great because it powers up in the office...my PC where I do podcasts and other stuff with that I would love to have when power goes down,” Madha told Houston Life.

Madha is an Airforce Veteran. “I joined as a 17 year old retired as a 57 year old. So I spent 40 years, 32 good years. Some of those were in reserves. Some of them were in special duty. I started as a technician. Then, I got a combat commission. And then, I became an officer. I’ve worked many different jobs. So I like to think of myself as a renaissance person that can build anything, do anything,” he said.

When it came to finding the right solution for backup power, Madha did his research.

“The problem that I was having is the February Freeze that we had, we lost power here, and I had a generator. Because I’m in a townhome complex, I can’t permanently install a generator so I had it running out of the garage and somebody got jealous and cut my propane tank supply. So that’s the problem I was trying to solve is how to have something here, a power backup, without a generator.

Thee solution Madha found was the Bronco Power Boost. No noise. No propane. The Bronco automatically switches into action as soon as your power is out. Keeping certain essentials running, like a refrigerator, Wi-Fi, the garage door, important medical devices.

Another tick in the box for Medha was the easy installation. “That’s what sold me on the Bronco, is a didn’t have to do much to get the Bronco installed, said Madha.

Madha installed his Bronco Power Boost in a covered courtyard at the back of his townhome. A location where you could not have a traditional generator. “I asked several vendors to come in and give me a quote and they couldn’t. Because the fumes and stuff just wouldn’t allow that to happen,” said Madha explaining the Bronco Power Boost provided him an ideal solution for back up power.

Bronco Billy is the man behind the Bronco Power Boost.

“So my story as an electrician in Nashville, I used to install gas generators. And what we found out with that is all the issues we ran into as time goes forward with lot line issues as houses get bigger and makes a lot smaller. And then also, noise ordinance,” said Bronco Billy. Within one week Bronco Billy had three permits for traditional generators denied. “I literally woke up at three in the morning and I said I’ve got to come up with a way to get around all these issues, or I’m gonna have to find something else to do. And of course, my mentality was I can do this.”

And, the Bronco Power Boost was born. Each unit is made here in Houston and is UL certified.

“The whole idea someday is we want every house in Houston to have one of these Broncos and then we’ll go from there,” said Bronco Billy.

To find out more about getting a Bronco Power Boost in your home give the team at Bronco a call or send a text to 713-248-1611 or email them at info@broncopowerboost.com

About the Author:

Melanie Camp is a correspondent on KPRC 2’s Houston Life.