K9 Officer Nate Knocks Mel Camp Off Her Feet

Bowled Over By a $10,000 Hiring Incentive with HPD

HOUSTON – The Houston Police Department are offering a $10,000 incentive to start your new career. Through June 30, 2024 current and future cadets are eligible for up to $10,000 in incentive pay. So, I headed out to HPD K9 HQ and met up with Office Nate, who really could be all the incentive you need to join the Houston Police Department.

Officer Nate and his human partner Officer Paul Foster have a strong bond. In fact, Nate may just pass up a belly rub in favor of a hug from Foster. Rearing on his hind legs, Nate stands around five feet, seven inches tall and, as I found out, the power of a hug from Nate is enough to bowl you over!

Nate and Foster are always together. Either on the job or hanging out together at home. Nate heads home with Foster at the end of everyday.

But is not just the bond Foster has with Nate that makes for a good day at work with HPD. “You develop bonds with not only these animals but you develop friendships and bonds, that last forever, within our community of Police Officers and it really is amazing,” said Foster.

In January 2022, Officer Nate almost died after being stabbed in the chest by a man he had apprehended. “We didn’t know the suspect had a knife hidden up his sleeve,” said Foster. Fully recovered, Officer Nate is back at work. “He came back ten times stronger. He still gets to do the job he loves and I am lucky enough to have him around as a partner,” said Foster.

Houston Life's Melanie Camp hangs out at HPD K9 HQ with Officer Nate and his human Partner, Officer Paul Foster (Copyright 2023 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

Working for 15 years, Foster said on Houston Life, that one of the many things he loves about his job is the “...comradery and fellowship we have. If you need someone to talk to, hey, we’ve got 4000 officers to talk to so... It’s a great job. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

By offering a hiring incentive HPD looks to overcoming recruitment challenges that exist for many industries.

“While we have been successful in our recruiting efforts and maintaining acceptance standards, this incentive allows HPD to remain competitive in the law enforcement market and continue to attract the most qualified applicants,” said Houston Police Chief Troy Finner.

Cadets currently enrolled in the Houston Police Department training academy’s three current cadet classes will receive the $10,000 incentive in a lump sum upon graduation and completing Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements.

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