Laugh for a good cause with local Comedian Tommy Berretz!

HOUSTON – Local Comedian Tommy Berretz, is the founder of Project Punchline, doing comedy and supporting notable causes. He is a Comedian, Actor, Producer, and Serial Entrepreneur. He tours internationally as a Comedian and has been lucky enough to be cast in popular films like Tartarus: The Devil’s Basement, Illusionary, and Viking Academy with Zach King.

Today on Houston Life, Tommy gave Lauren Kelly and Courtney Zubowski the scoop about an upcoming comedy event he’s hosting, alongside Kenny Brunecke, founder of Kidz Grub.

Kidz Grub’s mission is to provide a nutritious dinner, ongoing educational assistance, and caring support with mentorship in a safe after-school environment to the ‘At Risk’ children of the greater Houston area.

Project Punchline is a “For Purpose” business, that impacts the world through comedy shows, live events, and cook-offs. They raise awareness and donate to notable causes each month.

Watch the video above to learn more about the causes for both Kids Grub and Project Punchline.rewery. The fundraiser will benefit the non-profit Kidz Grub, helping them reach their main goal of feeding underprivileged kids in Houston and providing safe and impactful after school programs.

Watch the video above to learn more about the cause for both Kids Grub and Project Punchline.


Kidz Grub Comedy Fundraiser Event

SpindleTap Brewery: 10622 Hirch Rd, Houston, TX 77016

February 18th

Doors open at 7pm - Show at 8pm

Tickets: $35 to $75

For more information and tickets, click here.

To connect with Tommy, you can follow him on Instagram.

Visit Project Punchline on their social media to learn more.

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