4 innovative baby products to bring home in 2023

HOUSTON – If you are a parent looking for must-have items to add to your baby registry or need ideas to gift someone with an infant, there are cool items available that are worth every penny.

That’s according to Nina Spears, co-founder, and Editor-in-Chief of the popular motherhood website Baby Chick, who stopped by Houston Life to share 4 of the most innovative products in the market that any parent would love to have at home.

Here are Spears’ recommendations and why she loves these items.

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“This is a great time-saving device for formula-feeding parents that I absolutely love. This automatic, dishwasher-safe baby formula dispenser mixes your preferred formula bottles for you at the perfect temperature. With three temperature settings and the ability to mix 2-10 ounces simultaneously, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is fully customizable. The Formula Pro boasts a sleek and simple design with all-digital controls,” said Spears.

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“No room for a rocking chair or travel a lot with a baby? Enter Ready Rocker. This innovative baby product makes rocking your little bundle possible anywhere; it’s a portable rocker you can use on its own or with any chair. Babies loved to be rocked, but without a rocking chair or glider, standing and swaying can be hard on your arms, neck, shoulders, and back. The Ready Rocker allows you to rock your baby and provides lumbar support and adjustable rocking tension. It’s perfect for nursing moms, grandma’s house – or anyone desiring a more comfortable snuggle session to help soothe and bond with baby.” said Spears.

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“This portable sleep nook is one you’ll want to have on hand for all of your trips away from home with your baby. Offering privacy and familiarity for your sleeping kiddo, SlumberPod can be used with play yards, mini cribs, and toddler air mattresses. I thought it was a bit “extra,” but after testing it with my own toddler on our last family trip, I’m a true believer and fan! SlumberPod’s premium fabric canopy completely blocks light and distractions, so the baby can get some sleep and you can do what you need or want to do. Look forward to peaceful sleeping for your little one – wherever you may be. The carrying case and fan pouch are included, but the fan is sold separately unless you buy the bundle,” said Spears.

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“This is an infant car seat and stroller in one! Doona is the first of its kind and truly an innovative baby product. It’s a great product for a family who travels frequently and is always on the go. It transforms from a road trip to errand-ready with the click of a button. Doona is made of high-quality materials and comes in several color packages with various accessories available for purchase. A complete, fully integrated system perfect for travel of all sorts, Doona is truly a game-changer.”

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