3 Easy Do-It-Yourself Ideas to Update the Look of Your Home

Local couple from HGTV’s ‘Two Steps Home’ comes to Houston Life

Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, local stars of HGTV’s ‘Two Steps Home'. (KPRC / Click2Houston.com)

HOUSTON – With 2023 underway, you’ve probably started a few DIY projects or renovations to your home. We called in experts Jon and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, a local couple who hosted two shows on HGTV, ‘Going For Sold,’ and ‘Two Steps Home.’

They have a full-service family-owned home investment and improvement company called ‘Harper Raine Homes.’

Here are the steps in the order as discussed:


-The price for the wallpaper material has gotten expensive

- If you’re looking for a certain color or pattern, create your own

- She used existing paint from her garage, took a small paint brush and got started

- She was left with a cool pattern that not only added a wow factor to our entry/foyer

- This can be done in any small space that you are looking to add a bit of flare to.

- Materials: White board, Small Paint Brush, Black Paint


-The wall mirror in the bathrooms can make the room feel smaller because it takes up so much space.

- Instead, you can remove the oversized mirror (use tape to place over the mirror and gently remove to avoid breaking) and replace with two decorative mirrors.

-This will allow you to have more wall space for storage, light fixtures, or even floating shelves.

Materials: Mirror Blue Tape


-Mary recently turned her old tv console that was in her living room to her new storage unit/bar for her office

- She used chalk paint to coat the entire body of the console. with chalk paint you do not need to prep or sand the wood prior, and it goes on so easily. Chalk paint also dries quickly allowing for you to add another coat if necessary.

-Then used a cane mesh material on top of the existing glass and spray-painted new hardware.

-You can add new legs to make it look like a completely different piece of furniture. All you do is flip the console over and screw into the bottom.

-Materials: Mesh Cane Fabric, Legs for console, Spray paint, Hardware, chalk paint.

Watch the video below for the full breakdown and demo for each renovation.

You can watch their two HGTV shows Going For Sold and Two Steps Home on streaming services, and you can visit their website for information on the services they offer and more!

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