‘The Traitors’: Why this nail-biting reality show should be your next binge

Interviewing 2 Houstonians starring in new Peacock series ‘The Traitors’

HOUSTON – Peacock’s ‘The Traitors’ is a new and suspenseful reality show where TV stars and regular folks battle it out for a huge cash prize. The catch? Three of the 20 contestants are ‘The Traitors’ and plan to steal the prize from the other contestants!

Treachery and deceit are the names of the game. Quentin Jiles and Shelbe Rodriguez, competing in this fascinating series joined us live to give us all the details!

Before we get into the show details, let’s learn a little about the local contestants, Quentin and Shelbe!

Quentin Jiles is a political analyst who has been featured on many different television platforms. His mission is to engage Gen Z and Millenials in the American political process by sharing information in a fun, entertaining, and relatable way.

Shelbe is a Public Affairs manager based in Beaumont, TX. She describes herself as a straight shooter and is to have found her voice, after getting a divorce from her high school sweetheart. Now, her fiery spirit is living out loud and is up for any new adventure that comes her way!

The Traitors is hosted by Alan Cumming. This unscripted competition series is defined as a nail-biting psychological adventure. Twenty contestants, including ‘A-listers’ come together to complete a series of challenges with the objective of earning CASH!

Watch the video above to learn more about Quentin and Shelbe, and how they navigated this intense competition!

‘The Traitors’ is streaming now on Peacock.

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