Help the Author Who Wants to Donate Books to Children Battling Cancer

HOUSTON – Author Liz Williams has a big goal and it is a goal you can help her with. Williams has a brand new book coming out about a young girl with blood cancer in need of a bone marrow transplant and her goal is to donate as many of these books as possible to children right here in Houston to let them know they are not alone.

Williams is a transplant survivor herself. In January 1996 she received a Bone Marrow Transplant or BMT. “I had a disease called aplastic anemia when I was seven, it’s rare, only about 1000 people are diagnosed with it per year in the US, and it is a condition where your body stops producing the cells that you need in order to survive,” Williams said. She added her sister became her donor. “Lucky for me, because only about 30% of those going through the transplant process. Have a sibling that’s a match.”

Sharing her story with Derrick and Courtney on Houston Life, the author said she hopes to help families who have a child going through a BMT and wants to gift as many books as she can. Already 70 copies of her book will be donated. Williams wants to donate books to local pediatric stem cell and bone marrow transplant units at Texas Children’s, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Ronald McDonald House and other nonprofits that directly benefit cancer families. If you would like to help Williams and donate a book online, visit her website linked here and click the Donate a Book button.

Watch Liz William’s sit down with Courtney and Derrick on Houston Life in the video above.

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