Just Add Baby Goats! Combining the Benefits of Yoga with Goats

Houston – Move over downward dog and make way for the goats!

Goat Yoga is a fun way to boost your endorphins and get in a bit of exercise. Though you may find yourself a little distracted surrounded by so much cuteness and that is totally fine as goat cuddles are fully encouraged.

“Yoga has a lot of benefits itself when it comes to fitness and wellness. The goats are the added benefit as far as a serotonin and dopamine boost,” said Goat Yoga Houston Instructor Breanne Lighten. Who wouldn’t want little baby goats around when they’re doing yoga?

The Goat Yoga Houston goats are pygmy goats, so they don’t get too heavy. It is not painful at all. In fact, their little hooves are quite nice if you have a few knots in your back that need working out.

“It tickles,” said First time goat yogi, Mariyah Shere. She and her sisters enjoyed the challenge the distraction a herd of cute goats brought to the class. Layla Share said, “it gives you motivation to hold your poses an stay up.”

Like any regular yoga class, you can wear sweats and comfy workout clothes, but long sleeves are recommended. While you do need to be older than nine years old. If you want to try it out, you do not have to have any yoga experience at all.

“Honestly, you could be a beginner. I like to do yin style yoga, that is more calm, slow flow and it allows you to spend more time with the goats, but also kind of learn your body and see what muscles you’re having to activate to hold those certain poses. We like to do a little bit of meditation with our little goats as well because sometimes they’d like to fall asleep in our hands,” said Lighten.

Goat Yoga is more for relaxation and a boost of happiness.

“You don’t have to worry about getting a full workout here. This is more for relaxation, self care, and fun,” explained Lighten

Elaine Brooks is one of three co-owners of goat yoga Houston. She hopes to spread goat happiness far and wide.

“People have been dealing with issues as far as anxiety and depression, and with the schools, there’s bullying and peer pressure. So we know the kids have gone through a lot, and mental health and mental wellness is very important to us. So in the future, we’re trying to put our classes into the schools,” said Brooks.

Goat Yoga Houston has pop ups all over, from Katy to the Heights, Friendswood, and coming soon to Conroe. Plus, they do special event requests.

“Being the first black owned goat yoga business, we’re very proud to bring this to the community. And it’s really close to our hearts to know that we can bring something to people that never experienced this before,” said Brooks.

Houston Life’s Melanie Camp checked out a class through Goat Yoga Houston watch more in the video above.

If you would like to try goat yoga find a class online at Goat Yoga Houston.

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