BARC’s tips on preparing your pets for the cold, and how you can help donate to the shelter

HOUSTON – The team over at BARC Animal Shelter is working hard to prepare for the upcoming cold weather, and there’s plenty of ways you can still help them.

As they continue to take donations of blankets and laundry to keep their shelter pets warm, they gave us a few more tips on how to prepare your pets for the freeze.

BARC is still asking for emergency donations of blankets and laundry for they shelter pets to help keep them warm, and can be dropped off from 10am – 5pm through the back entrance located at 2700 Evella Street.

They will continue with donations today and whatever they don’t use this time they’ll stockpile and save for the next freeze, and also donate some to the warming center.

Here are a few tips for what you should do with your own pups in the freezing cold weather:

- For extreme cold conditions, owners should use similar tips for being out in the heat

- Watch and check on your pups

- Limit your time outside

- Stay out there with your pup outside while they do their business, but return inside immediately after

- It’s best not to go on long walks, just let pups out in the back yard

- If you find strays near your house or around your neighborhood, it’s best to call 311 for the City of Houston

Watch as Lauren Kelly chats with BARC Deputy Shelter Director Cory Stottlemyer about care for your pets ahead of the freeze.

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